24 Hour Emergency Room


24 Hour Emergency Room in The Woodlands, TX

St. Michael’s ER is a 24 hour emergency room located near The Woodlands, TX. If you are experiencing a medical emergency any time of day or night, our team of staff and physicians is readily available to help.

Many times, there may not be a hospital located close to your home, or you do not have time to wait in a hospital emergency room before receiving emergency medical care and treatment. These are things that you do not need to worry about at St. Michael’s ER. Our location at 26226 I-45 N is convenient to anyone in The Woodlands, TX area, and once you step in our emergency clinic’s doors, our emergency medical care team will be ready to treat you as quickly as possible and give you the emergency attention you need.


Come to our emergency clinic any time – day or night – for 24 hour emergency care.

Take the worries out of visiting a hospital, and visit St. Michael’s ER any time and day of the year. You can rest assured that we will always be open, and available to treat emergencies that range from minor to severe. Contact us today for more information, and remember St. Michael’s ER in The Woodlands, TX area the next time you or a loved one experiences a medical emergency.

If you have a medical emergency, come to our 24 hour emergency room in The Woodlands, TX now!